NEF to TIFF Converter

Here's a small tool that convert's RAW images from your DSLR to TIFF file type.

  • Can actually convert .NEF, .JPEG, .GIF, BMP, .PNG
  • Adjust the output image resolution
  • Responsive!
Download now!

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NEF to JPEG Converter

Here's a small tool that convert's RAW images from your DSLR to JPEG file type.

  • Can actually convert .NEF, .JPEG(much used for resizing a picture), .GIF, BMP, .PNG
  • Adjust the output image resolution
  • Adjust JPEG image quality
  • Reponsive!
Download now!

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Tricopter - May 2014 Build

Just got the fundings from Windows Phone payout and I was again able to build a quadcopter. Unfortunately, 1 motor was busted so instead of selling my tricopter frame, I used it to build one.


so here are the parts

  • X900 Tricopter frame
  • Crius AIOP V2 - MegaPirateNG Firmware
  • UBLOX GPS + Compass
  • NTM PropDrive 23x30 - 900Kv
  • 10x4.5 Props
  • HobbyKing 30amps ESC
  • 720TVL - 900mHz - 200mW VTx
all bought from
Here's her first test flight. 

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Finally, my princess is home

After 2 weeks in the hospital, finally our princess is home. 

I thank all her doctors - Dra. Tamayo as her Pediatrician, Dra. Navarro as her Pulmonologist/Pediatrician, Dr. Parinas as her Surgeon as well as the Pediatric Nurses that was there 24/7 closely monitoring her health and activity.

I thank all the people who shared their prayers for princess, our prayers were so strong, her recovery was extremely fast! I couldn't believe it my self. 

Thank you all!!

Here are the latest picture. 


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a little help for my baby daughter

(click the image for video)

My baby daughter was born last Feb. 18, 2014, we named her Sophie Annika. Her complete name is Sophie Annika M. Ragasa. That's her on the image, if you click on it, it will redirect you to a video on youtube. You can hear her grunting.

She was born with a respiratory problem due to Meconium Aspiration Syndrome and has a blood infection due to my Wife's UTI problem.

Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS)
is a medical condition affecting newborn infants. It occurs when meconium is present in their lungs during or before delivery. Meconium is the first stool of an infant, composed of materials ingested during the time the infant spends in the uterus.

Due to her MAS, her right lung (I'm sorry, I cannot explain this very well) has an excess air which causes her right lungh to partially collapse. The excess air has to be removed so her right lung could expand and recover. She has undergone an operation immediately. The doctor has to insert a tube into her right side going to lungs to extract the air. It could take days or weeks to remove. The tube could only remove 2 days after she can properly breath on her own without using a ventilator and a supporting oxygen.

She is also fighting with her Pnuemonia building up in her left lung.

There was also an infection in her blood due to my Wife's UTI. Her WBC (White Blood Cell) with a base line of 4-10, my baby is at 24. They gave her an anti-biotic and after 2 days, it went down to 13 but it was too slow so they shifted into higher anti-biotic.

We are praying and hoping for her fast recovery. She's my only daughter. I have two son, the first one has the same situation before but we were so thankful we have passed all the test. He's 4 now and a very very bright child.

Our heart crushed again but we are trying to stand up for our daughter. We usually talk to her at NICU. 

With all the operations, 4 doctors, medications, ventilator, and oxygen tanks.. We are expecting a bill that will rise up and it's not going to easy for us, Me and Wife to pay for everything. 

Any help means a lot to us, your prayers, donations, personal messages, you can visit her as well if possible. 

Here's my wife, before the delivery.

Here are my two sons enjoying the kite I made for them. 
Here's my first son, who had the same operation after he was born. He's 4 now, he's thin but we're hoping someday, his body could recover

Here's my second and very very strong baby boy, he's 1 year and half now. He's with his nanny.

This is us, Me and Wife

and here's the 3 of them

I am sorry if I cannot take a picture of my daughter. But I'll try if you requested. I provided a video of her.

I am trying to raise a fund for medical bills, a small a mount means a lot to us 


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Single Axis Camera Gimbal

I had a late night project and I called it Single Axis Gimbal

So I had a late night project and nothing to do.

I have a spare servo here lying around and I read that KK2.1 Flight Control Board are capable of being a camera gimbal. So I watched some videos about it and thought making one but unfortunately, I only have one servo.. I looked around in my stuff and planning to make a camera mount since I have some couple of illustration board here. Lucky, I'm still keeping the TypeS phone holder and my action camera fit very well.

So, I have everything I need and just decided to just make a single axis gimbal. Which is done within a less that an hour.

Here it is now


Here's the outdoor flight

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Quadcopter called Kakatuwan (KK2.1)

This is my very first quadcopter that I built and all parts were bought from

Well basically "Kakatuwan" is simply just KK2.1

Here are the parts list

Parts List

  • Hobbyking X525 V3 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Foldable Frame 600mm
  • Hobbyking KK2.1 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board With 6050MPU And Atmel 644PA
  • HobbyKing 30A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller
  • Turnigy MT2213-935KV MultiStar Motor
  • Propeller 10-4.5 CW CCW
  • Turnigy 9x 8 Channel Version 2

I got them for $176.96 only. It's extremely cheap and it flies very well after setting up the P.I. gains and values in mix editor. The quad looked like a deadcat frame version. I had to modify M1 and M2's AIL and ELE to make sure it flies just like and X Quad.

This is for sale too :) Look up on Sulilt with a query "Newly built quadcopter named Kakatuwan (KK2.1) - ARTF"

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Quick Resize Resize

A small image resizer thingie. I usually upload pictures on forums and sometimes change my avatar. One thing takes my time is to open up my photo editing application just to resize the image. I have to wait for several seconds or so while waiting for the application to load. I finally made something that is more faster and launches in less than a second. Saves the new image on the same directory where the original image is located at and with a friendly file name.

How to use?

You can drag and drop the picture you want to resize or click "Browse" button to open the image you want to resize, click any of the two (more to come soon I hope) predefined size or override it.

Download here

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Hello 2014

Hello 2014


...need more to say here soon...

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Facebook friend's list rank

I read this article on TheNextWeb called This script shows you how Facebook ranks all your friends and I believe this one is truly the proven way of who's actively on communication with you.. other may call it "stalking you" 

The script is also helpful if you want to check a person on your "facebook friends list" the most inactive friend so you can just probably unfriend them.

You may want to check that article and read it then get back here because I updated the script which now contains the image and the profile link.

Anyhow, the original script looks like this

then after using my script, it will look like this

the arrows was added to secure the privacy of the friends.

So go ahead, and drag THIS LINK onto your bookmark bar.

This is the javascript code

javascript: (

	function creator(e,t,n)
		var r=document.createElement(n);
		var i=document.createTextNode(t);
	function displayData(e)
		var t=document.createElement("table");
		var n=document.createElement("thead");
		var r=document.createElement("tr");
		var s=document.createElement("tbody");
			var r=document.createElement("tr");
			/*jayson's update : START*/
			var img=e%5Bi%5D%5B"photo"%5D;
			var eimg=document.createElement("img");
			var td1 = document.createElement("td");
			var uid=e%5Bi%5D%5B"uid"%5D;
			var name=e%5Bi%5D%5B"text"%5D;
			var link=document.createElement("a");
			var td2 = document.createElement("td");
			/*jayson's update : END*/
			/* original code
	x=new XMLHttpRequest;
	x.onreadystatechange=function() {
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Jayson Ragasa is an Applications Developer and founder of PinoyTouchTech.


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